Customer Service, Clerical & Data Entry

Customer Service Clerical Data Entry Outsourcing

Customer Service at its Best!

At GlobalityNet, we realize that keeping customers happy is the key to success. After all, we are here to provide a service to you and if you are not happy, why would you ever come back to us or refer us to someone else!

Respond to Your Customers Instantly!

We can be where ever your customer are so you can respond to their needs and concerns as soon as possible. Whether it is through phone call, email, chat or social media interactions, our call center outsourcing team can help you achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Take the Load Off of Your Staff!

Time is money, and we help you save both!

Small jobs like data entry can be really time-consuming and frustrating. Why not go for Data Entry outsourcing and save yourself the time!

There are so many other tasks in the office that can make life a living hell for your employees as they can be focusing on things that are much more important to your business. GlobalityNet offers you administrative outsourcing so your staff can focus on running the core functionalities of your business.

24/7 Support for Your Clientele

What if your customer needs to call you at 3 in the morning for help? Will you be there to answer their call? Well, with GlobalityNet, you don’t have to!

One of the things clients and customers appreciate the most is your 24/7 availability to provide customer support! GlobalityNet is able to provide you with a comprehensive customer care program with the most experienced and talented personnel to handle your entire customer support outsourcing.

IT Support Customer Service

Our IT outsourcing support group can help your customers with tech support and other computer-related questions. We have a seasoned tech-support outsourcing team that can manage basic to mid-level technical questions. Have us manage the basic support needs and we can escalate higher level issues to your core team.

Spanish-Speaking Agents Available

For all the services we provide, we have Spanish-speaking agents ready to help. From IT and scheduling to general customer service or outbound telephone sales, our Spanish-speaking team can help you achieve your goals!